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New Model of Hiring: To Attract Top Talent, You Need to Create an Attractive Opportunity

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The best candidates on the market don’t just want a new job. They want a better job. 

 And with the right hiring strategy, you can attract not only those who are actively looking, but also the superstars known as passive job seekers – those who aren’t really even candidates, at least not yet, but could be convinced to start a conversation with you if the right opportunity comes their way. 

How can you make your company and open positions more appetizing and make your employer brand stand out among all the rest? 

Create a consistent message that accurately portrays your brand. 

Drawing in top candidates all comes down to their perception of your company, your employer brand. Develop key message points that showcase the best of what you have to offer, and stick to them in all aspects of recruiting. 

  • As you create this content (which can then be applied across all forms of media, including person-to-person interaction), ask yourself this question: What makes our company so appealing? What inspires our employees to come to work each day? If I had my choice of prospective employers, why would I choose this organization to pursue? 

Highlight your awesome company culture. 

While the core of your culture should reflect your company’s mission, vision, and values, it’s the authentic, day-to-day experiences of your employees that bring it to life. 

  • Use video and other tactics to showcase your culture. And target your messages to wherever it is that your desired candidates hang out. In addition to the more obvious job boards and social platforms, dig deeper into specialized forums that target specific industries, geographic regions, and other relevant areas. 

Focus on your benefits – especially those that set your company apart. 

The right culture rules – but benefits are right up there, too, in terms of what matters most to prospective employees. And speaking of priorities, scheduling flexibility and work-life balance continues to lead the way. These factors were important even pre-Covid, and they’re not going away anytime soon, if ever. 

  • Are there any enticing perks unique to your company? Be sure to clearly define and share them with your desired candidates. 

Build a team of employee ambassadors. 

There are no better spokespersons for your company than your current best performers, so make being a brand ambassador part of their job. Guide and empower them as they accurately communicate the best attributes of your brand. 

  • What makes a brand ambassador? An employee who is highly engaged and shows a vivid commitment to your organization and its future. They can recruit talent from their own on and offline networks. 

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