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4 Career Secrets That Will Help You Climb the Recruiting Ladder

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It isn’t easy being a recruiter. But if you have a true passion for the role, there’s nothing better. Making the right match between a qualified job seeker and an awesome employer is more than worth all the work. And in the process, you continuously build your own network of professional connections, colleagues, and friends. 

As you grow your recruiting career, don’t just settle for being good at it. Shoot for great! Here are four tips for paving the way to success: 

1. Never stop networking. 

Throughout your career, invest time to expand your network and keep your connections alive. Take advantage of person-to-person conversations, identifying and leveraging the key contacts in your network. Not only may they be able to refer talent to you directly, but they may also suggest additional contacts to whom you can turn for advice or expertise. 

  • Always respond to potential candidates and industry professionals who reach out to you. This includes joining and actively participating in LinkedIn groups and relevant social media conversations. 
  • When it’s safe, meet up with people in person for lunch, coffee, or a drink. Otherwise, arrange to do so virtually through Zoom or similar video conferencing.  

2. Create a talent pool. 

Becoming an exceptional networker is an excellent start towards building your robust talent pool. Initiate conversations to boost awareness for your positions and to introduce employers and hiring managers to desirable talent. 

  • Periodically reach out to candidates in your talent community to see what’s new with them or if they have referrals to share from their personal networks. 
  • Make employee referral programs at your client companies an integral part of your strategy.  
  • Cast a wide net. Also, seek referrals from your external network, including clients and current and former colleagues. 

3. Know how to nail a job description. 

Clear, up-to-date job descriptions are where it all begins and ends in terms of making the right candidate/employer matches.  

  • Define and double-check role-specific terms, which are the springboard for keywords.  
  • Use crystal clear phrasing, and avoid buzzwords or jargon in your JDs. 
  • When it’s time to publish your ads, be sure your job board accounts are spot on, customize for social media, and use the right niche recruiting channels. 

4. Keep your communication skills sharp. 

Of course, it’s all about communications, but continue to practice active listening to ensure that every message you send or receive, is accurate and effective. An occasional refresher course can be helpful, even if you think you have it mastered. 

  • Communicate often and well – whether in person or via text, phone, or email – from your first touchpoint with a candidate or client. Keep everyone updated. For example, let an employer know how many candidates you’ve interviewed, how many you’ve qualified, and when they completed needed assessments. Follow a similar process with job seekers, with fresh updates on their application or interview status. 

Climb the Recruiting Ladder 

At Search Wizards, we focus exclusively on building recruiters’ careers and helping businesses grow their talent acquisition teams. Reach out to us today, so we can shore up your skills, talk more about your goals, and discuss how we can help you realize the future you envision. 



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