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5 Skills Your Workforce Needs to Prepare for a Successful 2022

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The world and the way it does business have changed dramatically in recent years. Between a digital transformation and a global pandemic, in-demand professional skillsets have taken on a whole new look.   

Employers must make sure their employees have relevant skills for 2022 and beyond as they successfully position their companies for competitive success and future growth. And for recruiters, it’s essential to know these workforce traits and spot and develop them in the candidates they work with. 

Here are five of the most in-demand workforce skills as the calendar turns to the new year: 

1. Data Science 

There’s a reason why data scientists are in hot demand in virtually every business sector and organization. Their ability to quickly collect, evaluate and process data to derive instructions for action enables them to solve countless different problems in today’s business world. 

  • The essentials include knowing how to program, having a strong knowledge of math and statistics, and general business contexts and issues. 

2. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a “nice to have” skill, as it has increasingly evolved into a general approach to business problem-solving. For example, when it comes to demand forecasting, algorithms can estimate the number of products or service units needed and reduce related storage, shipping, and other costs. And, new fields of AI application are constantly emerging.  

  • In AI professionals, look for a solid foundation in software design, statistics, programming, and engineering. 

3. Web Development 

Web developers design and develop web-based software solutions. They plan web designs and architecture, and handle ongoing development, maintenance, and optimization of existing web applications. There are front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers working on the client or server-side, respectively.  

  • Specifically, web development skills include a strong knowledge of various coding languages, responsive design, and search engine optimization. 

4. Remote Communication 

When a team is not gathered in one place – hello, post-Covid world! – collaboration can be challenging. When mastered, remote communication skills enable employees to efficiently and productively engage with others, no matter where they’re working from. Companies need to offer the right technology for remote communication, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet – and people need to be adept at utilizing them. 

5. Stress Management 

Not a new one, true, but the vital importance of this priceless skill will never dwindle. Mental health issues have taken a fortunate place in the forefront in the timeframe preceding, including and following Covid-19. With proper stress management, employees learn strategies to cope with burnout and other difficult work and lifestyle situations. The ultimate goal is to build resilience, especially for those who work in fast-paced or rapidly changing environments.  

  • It can be challenging for a person to get a handle on stress management, so this is something else employers need to be equipped to assist with. And employees and candidates should be encouraged and coached to acknowledge their stress and other mental health issues, and then take the right steps to recovery. 

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