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The Top Skills Employers are Looking for in 2022

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The global pandemic has changed work indelibly. What has not changed – but only increased in importance – is the value of soft skills, aka transferable skills, when it comes to landing your dream job this year. These are the skills that, as their name implies, can add value across virtually any industry or role.   

For job seekers in 2022, here are some examples of skills you should sharpen and highlight on your resume and as you interview: 


Effective communication across all platforms is essential, especially in team-based positions. And when you think about it, what job is not team based on some level? Strong communication skills enable you to convey what you need from a role effectively, create clarity in the workplace, build rapport, and develop successful coworker relationships. 

  • This includes being adept at video chat platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams and real-time platforms like Slack. 

Innovative Thinking 

Companies everywhere are navigating new business landscapes in today’s new normal, so they need creative thinkers. Showcase your innovativeness and problem-solving strengths to emerge as a stand-out candidate. Arrive at your interview armed with specific examples of how you have succeeded in this regard. 

Tech Savviness 

The days when technical skills were only important for engineers, IT pros, and the like are long gone. Today, these traits are essential in just about any role, as they drive growth in our digital-centric world. Demonstrate your skills in various platforms, languages, and programs that relate to the job you’re pursuing. 

Project Management 

It’s not just for managers! Workplace tasks are rarely independent; they’re almost always part of a bigger project, so excellent project management skills are an asset. It’s important to distinguish between good and bad ideas, conduct risk analyses, and effectively work through and debrief projects. Having this strength also shows that you’re knowledgeable of processes and workflow. 

Decision Making 

Another top priority for just about any business, industry, or position, having this skill shows that you can assess information accurately and in a timely fashion, and are willing to take calculated risks. 

Working Well Under Pressure 

Workplaces circa 2022 are more stressful than ever. Think tighter deadlines, balancing more projects, dealing with staff shortages … and let’s not even talk supply chain issues or the ups and downs of pandemic-related mandates! So employers have their radar set on people who can work well under pressure: staying calm and prepared for all eventualities. 

Emotional Intelligence 

Because Covid has forced workplaces to adapt so much, employees’ high levels of emotional intelligence are greatly valued. This includes the ability to handle unexpected inconveniences and deal with problems appropriately.  

  • Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage your own emotions and recognize, understand, and influence others. 

Prepare for Your Job Search with Search Wizards 

Given today’s job market and with these skills under your belt, 2022 will pose both ample choices and unique challenges as you seek your next talent management position. Search Wizards can help, from crafting your resume and making connections to following up on leads, interviewing, negotiating offers, and making the decision that’s right for you. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more. 



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