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Candidate Experience: How Your Business Can Get it Right

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First impressions count—big time. There’s no doubt that an initially negative experience with a person or organization can leave a lasting mark – and not the good kind.

When it comes to recruiting and hiring, the candidate experience is the equivalent of your company’s first impression of top talent. It’s the series of interactions a job seeker has with your organization throughout your hiring process, including any communication received from you and your brand. Some of your candidate experience elements are your corporate career site, your job advertisements, and your application and interview processes. Add to that list messages from your HR professionals and ATS, as well as updates on a person’s application status and job offers or rejection letters.

All of it needs to be good.

If the candidate experience you offer is subpar, you can pretty much count on desired talent going elsewhere. Not only will they stop short of applying for your open jobs or accepting your offer, but they’ll probably also tell their friends about it. And those friends will tell more friends, and so on … both face to face and via online reviews. Things can quickly spiral out of control, which is the last thing you need, especially given today’s job marketplace.

So, let’s not let that happen.

A positive candidate experience, by contrast, offers clear, honest, and consistent communication. It also:

  • Sets realistic expectations about your job and work environment.
  • Accurately communicates your employee value proposition.
  • It gives candidates all the information and resources they need.
  • Offers a simple, mobile-friendly application process.
  • Treats candidates with respect throughout your hiring process.
  • Provides a pleasant, efficient and seamless interview experience.
  • Includes a professional, thoughtful process for rejecting applicants.
  • It gives new hires everything they need to speed and succeed in their roles quickly.

Optimize your candidate experience: it’s well worth the effort.

Because candidates see their hiring experience as a reflection of your company as a whole, taking steps to ensure that it’s a good one can pay off in a big way.

  • Show job seekers that your organization is a great place to work. As you do so, share your company vision, values, and the impact of a position, so candidates can determine if their mission aligns with yours.
  • Communicate your health and safety policies. Covid-19 concerns are still at the forefront in the minds of many job seekers. Clearly articulate the steps you’ve taken to keep your employees safe and well.
  • Think about it from a candidate’s perspective. Efficiency and organization play a big role in the success of a job seeker’s experience. Provide clear, accurate information through frequent updates. Have a standardized hiring process and keep candidates in the loop throughout every step of it.

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