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The Hiring Trifecta: The Answer to Building a Top Team

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Being a recruiter has never been more challenging – or rewarding. Finding the ideal candidate in today’s talent climate is no small task. But once you master the significant factors driving job seekers’ choices, you’re well on your way.

  • Labor shortages continue, with millions of jobs open. The Great Resignation, which began midway through last year, is still very real as the third year of pandemic-induced changes and uncertainties gets underway. Pay, benefits, the right culture, and work-from-home options are top of mind with 2022’s job candidates, who have used quarantine time to reflect on and revamp their work/life priorities.

So, be smart and go for the hiring trifecta – money, managers, and recognition – as your source and engage top talent.

1. Money still talks.

Maybe not as loudly as it used to, as pandemic relief and delayed spending prompted many people to pack away savings while they quarantined. Hand in hand with this trend has been the realization that time at home, versus long hours at work, is good. So good that an increasing number of job seekers are willing to sacrifice pay raises to get more of it. But, overriding it all is the basic premise of supply and demand: overall wages have increased in the current candidate-driven market. And recruiters and the employers they represent need to acknowledge that and keep salaries competitive.

  • Significant wage inflation is a reality. This is notable across the board, but more so within entry-level roles. This wave began last fall, when the labor force hit a low point. 

2. Managers must be employee-centric.

One thing hasn’t changed; in fact, it’s become more relevant than ever: People don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses.  

  • Managers and supervisors should be well-trained to drive engagement, teamwork, and productivity. Employers need to keep this on their radar screen to design professional development programs and promote internally. 
  • The focus should always be on fostering new leaders. Offer and communicate these opportunities to prospective hires and let current team members speak through their actions: supervisors who manage as they walk around and are accessible and flexible will keep good talent flowing through an organization.

3. Recognition really does matter.

Among the top reasons candidates choose employers – and on the flip side, employees leave companies – is the need for recognition and acknowledgment of the good work they do and the value they contribute. During the hiring process:

  • As you build a positive candidate experience, start with basic respect. Accommodate job seekers’ schedules. Be on time. Return calls. Avoid rescheduling interviews. Don’t give people any reason whatsoever to walk away and seek better treatment elsewhere. And remember, they will not only vote with their feet, but also spread the negative word among their networks, wreaking further havoc on your candidate pipeline.
  • Welcome people with open arms. Provide facility tours, introductions to company leaders, and branded welcome gifts. Draw candidates into your hiring process to help them validate that they’re making the right choice in considering your open job.

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