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How to Create Highly Effective Job Descriptions to Find Top Talent

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It’s time to write or update a job description for your company or client. Ho hum, you may think. Just another task to check off today’s to-do list … 

Hold it right there.  

JDs need to be much more than just a standard list of job-related tasks, duties, responsibilities, and educational and work experience. You need to find the perfect balance between all of the above and immediately engaging job seekers, so you don’t turn them off before they even consider applying.  

Think about it. If you find crafting JDs a bit routine or mundane – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t, at least once in a while? – think about how a candidate might react if their first impression of your opportunity is equally humdrum? In today’s market, the likely outcome is they’ll simply move on to the next prospective employer on their list. 

Let’s not let that happen. As you tackle that JD, keep the following tips in mind, so you consistently draw desired talent your way: 

Start with the right job title. 

Make your job titles clear and specific. Be creative, but not so esoteric that you miss out on candidates searching for the same job under a different name. 

  • People search for roles that match their skills and experience. Include key phrases that accurately describe the position. Avoid internal lingo that may confuse job seekers. 

Provide an engaging overview of the position. 

Your summary should provide an overview of the job, your company, and expectations for the position. But, also be sure to include information about what makes the opportunity unique. Job seekers have a plethora of choices, so yours needs to stand out. 

Emphasize growth and development opportunities. 

Explain how the job contributes to business objectives, the potential for advancement, and how a candidate’s achievements could complete that picture. Tell the compelling story of what your company is doing within the larger industry and how their skills and knowledge can add value to this vision and further their growth and development. 

Culture is everything. 

Whether or not your recruitment effort succeeds ultimately comes back to a candidate asking themselves, “Would I be a good fit and enjoy working there?” Be sure to sum up the reasons the answer will be a resounding “Yes.” Cultural fit is just as important as technical, educational, and experience fit, if not more so.  

Bust bias. 

Make sure the language in your JDs is as inclusive as possible. If you’re not careful in this regard, you risk lowering your chances of landing the right candidates, without even realizing it. 

  • One key area to watch is gender neutrality. Even seemingly innocuous words can trigger gender bias, which can deter highly qualified talent as it unconsciously lowers their expected sense of fitting in at a company. 

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