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Are You a New Recruiter? 4 Ways to Jump Start Your Career

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A career as a recruiter offers a unique set of challenges – and rewards. Every day on the job is different, as situations and the clients and candidates you work with change. And, you truly get to make a difference. You help job seekers find work that not only provides for themselves and their families, but also fulfills their passions and aligns with their skills and interests. For employers, you help round out their teams by making the right talent matches to help ensure the success of their businesses. 

But, you already know the benefits and reasons you are where you are right now. Even as you enjoy the satisfaction of being a new recruiter, however, you may be wondering exactly what it takes to get your talent acquisition career off to the right start. Here are some ideas as you get your feet wet in your new field: 

Jump Right In

As soon as you become comfortable in your new role, start calling potential clients. The more calls you make, the sooner you’ll get in the groove.   

  • Start with those you think will be easiest to reach. There will inevitably be a few bumps along the road, but before you know it, making those calls will give you a rush of confidence and excitement versus newbie jitters. 

Spread the Word About Your New Gig 

If you’re planning a career as a recruiter, you’d best be a strong networker. Put these skills to work right out of the starting gate. Tell all your contacts and connections about your career move. Post the word on your social media accounts. As the news spreads, you’ll build a solid list of potential candidates and clients. And from here, you can … 

Build Your Hotlist 

This is the database of your most marketable prospects. Note their motivations, preferences, and goals. Start to pinpoint exactly what each one of them is looking for in their next role or employee. Spend time getting to know each contact on your hot list, so you can make the right candidate/employer matches. 

  • Write the details down. Because despite what you may think, you won’t remember them all. It won’t be long before you’ve had multiple conversations with different people, and the specifics will begin to blend together. Log your notes into your ATS or whichever files you use to stay organized. 

Ask the Right Questions and Actively Listen to the Answers

When you meet with new candidates or clients, ask strong questions, but then step back and let them do most of the talking. This is known as active listening, and it’s key to communications success in any job, role or life situation. For instance, you might ask: 

  • What is most important to you in your next job (or employee)? 
  • What would the perfect job (or candidate) look like for you? 

By letting the other person take the floor and showing that you’ve heard and understood, you’ll go a long way toward solidifying your relationship with them for the long term. 

It’s your unique talent that makes you invaluable as a recruitment pro. At Search Wizards, our experience in developing recruiters’ careers covers all industries, with a sole focus in mind: talent acquisition. Contact us today for further tipis in realizing all your goals and passions as you grow yours. 



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