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In House Recruiting vs. Outsourced Recruiting: Which Option is Right for Your Business?

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Time flies! it’s well into the second quarter of 2022 already. How’s your company doing at this point in terms of recruiting top talent?  

The world may be emerging at long last from the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the collateral damage on businesses will take a while to subside. And among the leading headaches for employers is finding and retaining the best people to keep them on track for success. 

What are Your Options? 

When it comes to recruiting new employees, you can either take this function on yourself if you have the in-house expertise to do so or you can outsource to a professional employer organization (PEO) or other business partner. Which option is best for you? 

Why Consider Outsourcing? 

If you’re struggling to keep up with your hiring demands – which is especially common in today’s candidate-driven job market – or you have seasonal customer fluctuations with summer right around the corner, or both, then outsourcing can help level the playing field as you compete with larger companies who may have more extensive HR teams. 

Among the benefits of outsourced recruiting are: 

  • It allows you to concentrate on your core business. If you don’t have an in-house HR pro dedicated exclusively to recruiting, outsourcing takes this important responsibility – and the myriad tasks that go along with it – off your plate. Then, you can stay focused on growing your company and improving your overall performance and effectiveness. 
  • It saves you money. In addition to direct labor costs, there’s a wide range of expenses related to recruitment, including job board placements, background screening, scheduling interviews, pre-screening talent and handling reference checks, to name a few. Your outsource partner can easily handle it all. Time is money, and along with hours saved, you’re also relieved of all the related stress. 
  • It gives you more ready access to desired candidates. Your outsource partner can find talent in more places than your own staff likely could, due to their contacts and industry intel. This includes access to passive candidates, who are not actively job hunting but can be convinced when the right opportunity is presented to them. 
  • It helps keep you legally compliant and technically strong. Outsource firms are well versed in employment legal and compliance requirements and can help ensure that your company stays 100 percent compliant. In addition to recruiting specialists, the best firms also offer compliance experts, along with HR IT gurus – and of course, the latest HR technology itself – and other subject matter experts as needed. 

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