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Four Easy Ways to Better Prioritize Your Day

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A recruiter’s work is never done, right?  

And sometimes, it feels nearly impossible to juggle all the tasks, projects and challenges on your to do list without dropping at least one of them and resulting in an epic fail. 

The key is learning how to align your priorities to your workday – and your life.  

Prioritizing involves deciding in which order things need to get done, based on their level of importance. You already know that, but it can be hugely tempting to work on the easy, interesting and fun jobs while letting the other ones fall by the wayside.  

  • The keyword in the above definition – and the one you should not ignore, as you may have been doing with those more tedious assignments – is “important.” Because the bottom line is: they’re the ones that need to be done well and on time, for the sake of your client or company and maybe even your job.   

Here are four ways to get started on becoming a prioritization whiz: 

Determine which tasks really are the most important. 

There’s that “I” word again. But as you hone your prioritization skills, the first step needs to be identifying which tasks you need to complete first in order to deliver desired results, meet critical deadlines … and enable yourself to sleep at night. Make this determination based on those deadlines, as well as client or company expectations and team member requests. 

Use a calendar. 

List all your daily to-do items on a calendar. A visual reminder – whether it’s on a piece of paper or online – can make a huge difference. Plus, creating blocks of time on your calendar helps you reserve realistic amounts of time to complete tasks. And you can – and should – also block out time during the day for breaks, so you can reassess, reset and recharge. 

Set – and stick to – boundaries. 

Picture this scenario: You’ve allotted 90 minutes to review a batch of resumes for a client who needs a job filled yesterday. And progress is looking good until your coworker in the next cubicle pops by to catch up on plans for the weekend. And before you know it, poof! Your previously realistic hour-and-a-half time block has vanished, never to return again. To avoid this stress mess, close your door, literally or figuratively, and let other people know you’re focused on a time-sensitive project and will connect with them later. 

Account for distractions. 

Because, despite all your best efforts, they will happen. You can minimize them, but not eliminate them all together. So in addition to breaks, allow some “just in case” time on your calendar. Best case: you can use it to get ahead of the game or maybe even leave the office on time at the end of the day. On a related note, also allow some time to make tomorrow’s list, so you can hit the ground running in the morning. 

For more tips on building your career as an ace recruiter, reach out to the Search Wizards team today. Or at the very least, put it on tomorrow’s list, first thing. We’ll have you set up for success in plenty of time to tackle all the rest of those bothersome “to do” items! 



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