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How Can a Recruiter Help Me?

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You already know recruiters are awesome. That’s why you chose your career path, right?

But have you ever really thought about the various benefits of working with a recruiter? They’re good to keep in mind both as you build your own career and as additional insight to pass along to candidates and clients you work with.

Two Heads are Better Than One

Today’s job market is candidate-driven, but still, doing all the work yourself may not be the best way to go. You don’t want to settle for just any job, you want to nail the right one, without the process completely draining you of time, energy or enthusiasm. Here’s where a professional recruiter comes into play.

The right recruiter will:

  • Connect you with employers you may not otherwise know are hiring: The best recruiters have the best networks – they know who’s hiring right now, who plans to hire soon, and who has open jobs that aren’t yet being advertised. They have rock-solid reputations for making the right talent matches, including the ever-growing number of remote opportunities out there. At Search Wizards, we specialize in placing Talent Acquisition professionals.  We have our finger on the pulse of the industry while regularly working to fill openings with multiple clients. With just one call to our recruiters, we can give you so much more accessibility.
  • Become your partner for the life of your career: It’s not just about landing the right job this time around. For starters, the right recruiter won’t stop until they accomplish just that. But above and beyond your current need, you can build a lasting career relationship with your recruiter that will serve you well in the future.
  • Guide you and serve as your advocate: Your recruiter will guide you through your job search process from A to Z, including resume prep, making contacts, interviewing, closing deals, and everything else involved. They’re in direct touch with employers, advocating for you so your application doesn’t become just another number in the pile.
  • Save you time: Chances are you have other commitments in your life besides job hunting. Rather than spend countless hours pouring over job boards or preparing applications, let your recruiter put you in direct contact with employers who are in need of someone just like you.
  • Sell you by putting you in the best possible light: Your resume and, if applicable, your portfolio are the tools that will get your foot in an employer’s door. A recruiter helps boost your chances by helping you craft the total package: turning your resume from good to great and ensuring that all your collateral materials are on point and custom-tailored for a specific job.
  • Negotiate compensation on your behalf: Talking about money and benefits is perhaps the least comfortable, yet certainly one of the most important, aspects of your decision on where to work. Your recruiter will have access to the latest salary data and knowledge of perks and benefits. This puts you in a much better position to negotiate strongly and successfully. And just like interviewing, a recruiter can rehearse critical talking points with you until you can deliver them smoothly and confidently.

Let’s start with you. It’s your unique talent that will make you such an asset to the right employer. So if you haven’t found them yet, consider partnering with Search Wizards to make that perfect match. We’ll place you in the best environment to showcase your best self and really shine and be happy with your role. Contact us today – and let’s talk.



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