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4 Ways to Make Your Recruiting Process a More Personalized Experience

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Today’s job seekers want personalized interaction throughout a company’s hiring process. And in the current candidate-driven market, they’re in a position to demand it. Not only that, but candidates are likely to share their hiring experiences with friends, family and colleagues, as well as online. If an experience is less than stellar, this can hurt a company on two levels: they not only lose one potential great hire, but they also may turn away future prospects. 

As a recruiter, it’s your job to make sure the opposite happens: Create a personalized hiring experience for candidates so you keep them engaged, build your clients’ employment brands, and last but not least, raise your own image as one of respect and professionalism within your field. 


Here are four time-tested tips: 

1. Customize each job description. 

A personalized job description kick starts candidate engagement. Every JD should strike the right balance between professionalism and friendliness. 

  • Generic job descriptions are out. The result is less likelihood of the right talent applying, and a greater chance of an onslaught of unqualified or “meh” applicants. Plus, customized JDs immediately send the message that “We like you and we want to get to know you – and vice versa.” 

2. Localize your hiring.  

Go where your desired candidates are. Channel your recruitment drives to their preferred locations, virtually and in person. Host events that attract talent specific to your needs.  

  • Stage open interviews to help draw candidates from targeted geographic regions. This shows your ability to provide clients with high-quality hires locally and to effectively and successfully close their positions. 

 3. Pay attention to your emails to candidates. 

Carefully consider the content of your candidate emails. Start by using their names versus “Hi candidate.” Refer to their specific backgrounds and credentials. This will encourage them to reciprocate favorably. 

  • Steer clear of mass replies in the form of generic messages. Here’s where automated tools come in handy, such as email software for candidate segmentation. 

4. Mentor prospects through every step of the hiring process. 

Stay in communication with candidates at every step of the recruitment process. Take it a step further by being a mentor and providing them with tips, guidance, advice and encouragement. Serve as a sounding board and a north star. Keep them constantly informed of where they stand, what happens next, and when it will happen. 

For help with all these steps, as well as additional tips to build your career in recruiting, contact Search Wizards. We represent top talent acquisition talent and would love to tap you into our professional network. Give us a shout today so we can talk further. 



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