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6 Ways to Separate Yourself from Other Job Candidates

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When you interview for a job, you may be asked the question “What sets you apart from all our other candidates?” Or not. Either way, you need to be prepared to answer it.

In fact, this is what your entire hiring process boils down to. How can you distinguish yourself from the competition and leave your interviewers convinced they don’t need to look any further for the right person for the role?

Do your homework.

Learn as much as you can about the role, company and industry. Start by thoroughly reading the job description and combing through the employer’s website, but don’t stop there. Read annual reports and press releases. Do a Google search and deep dive into a business’s social media platforms. When it’s your turn to ask questions, you can use this knowledge to reference topics you went above and beyond to learn.

Have a plan for how you would add value.

Be ready to show exactly how you would add unique value to the employer’s company, starting with your first weeks and months on the job and leading from there into the longer-term future. Speak about your ideas thoughtfully but confidently, as if you already had the job. Do some careful thinking to get your head around the role and develop this plan.

Consider what makes you unique.

Do some self-searching and identify at least one or two qualities or experiences you have that likely differ from those you think other candidates might bring to the table. Weave them into the message points you plan to convey as you interview.

Show your creativity.

Creativity is one of the most sought-after soft skills among employers today. What can you do to create an impression that really resonates with hiring decision makers? At the same time, you’ll be demonstrating your energy and initiative and showing that you’re willing to go the extra mile.

Demonstrate your growth mindset.

The ability and willingness to be continuously learning are other highly desirable candidate qualities, especially in the talent acquisition field, where you need to be constantly open to new experiences and growth opportunities. Companies hire not just for today, but for the future as well. Emphasize your enthusiasm about taking on new skills and challenges, as well as being flexible and ready to pivot or evolve as business demands.

Care about the company’s mission.

The magic won’t happen unless you’re on the same page as a potential employer when it comes to what you believe in and feel passionate about. Organizations want employees – especially those responsible for hiring other employees – who share their values and vision. Extra points if you have volunteer experience in areas relevant to a company’s social responsibility mission.

Treat yourself like the best person for the job – and you will be. The Search Wizards team can help you present your unique talent to potential employers in the best way possible. We’ll also place you in the best environment to showcase your strengths as a recruiter. Contact us today to learn more.



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