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Tips on Working with a Recruiter

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When you first make contact with a candidate, remember: when it comes to working with a recruiter, this may be their first rodeo. Follow the time-tested adage and assume nothing. The experience may not come naturally to them; they may have no idea what questions to ask or what expectations to have.

Do your candidate – and yourself – a solid by enlightening them on tips to follow. It will benefit everyone in the long run. For starters, you may advise candidates to:

Ask the right questions.

This helps ensure a good recruiter/candidate fit right from the start. Candidates should ask recruiters such questions as:

  • Do you specialize in my industry?
  • What types of roles do you fill?
  • In what types of companies have you placed people like me?
  • How does your process for marketing your candidates work?

Be honest.

Candidates should be clear and up front about what they’re looking for in their next job – and what they’re not. This honesty and transparency should spill over into all areas of their recruiter relationship. Honesty is the best – really, the only effective – policy when it comes to critical matters including:

  • Salary history – and what type of compensation a person has in mind for their next job. What are their non-negotiables?
  • The responsibilities a candidate had in their last position.
  • Why an individual left their last position.
  • Whether they’re also looking for work on their own. This is fine, of course, but their recruiter should always be in the loop. And of course, it follows that they should immediately inform their recruiter if they have a lead on a job.

Leave nothing open to interpretation.

Don’t be shy about money.

Your job as a recruiter is to suggest a compensation package that’s fair for both your candidate and your client. A job seeker should not withhold information or hesitate to articulate what they expect in this regard. This way, you can provide as many viable options as possible.

Stay in touch.

Not only throughout their job search, but also after they land a position – and ideally, throughout their career – a candidate should stay in touch with their recruiter. This can be as simple as an occasional text or email. In addition to you remaining their career advocate, it may give them an opening to refer a colleague, relative or friend to you.

At Search Wizards, we are recruiters for recruiters. Talent acquisition is all we do: connecting top sourcing pros with dynamic opportunities to help skyrocket their careers. If that piques your interest, reach out to us today and let’s get started on your future.



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