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Tips on How to Adapt to a New Job

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Starting a new job is cause for celebration, but at the same time, stressful and downright intimidating. This mixed bag of emotions is baffling, scary – and also awesome and totally normal.

Still, it helps to have some tips to lower the pressure. The ability to adapt to a new work environment and culture allows you to more quickly feel like you’re part of the team. It also shows that you’re resourceful and have good teamwork skills and leadership potential. You’re not only helping yourself grow as a professional, but also demonstrating that you can quickly contribute and add value to your new company.

So, about those tips …

Ask questions.

Continue what you started during your interview process: learning all you can about the organization and your role in it. Without being annoying, absorb as much as you can about current priorities, hot projects, deadlines and developments. This way, you can move forward more quickly and confidently.

Avoid comparing your old job to your new one.

At least, not out loud! In fact, though it may naturally happen at first, try to wipe this comparison out of your head and mindset ASAP. It will only slow down your acclimation time. Instead, focus on your transferable skills and experience, so you can seamlessly come up to speed and full productivity.

Listen and observe.

Asking questions and contributing to relevant conversations is good and beneficial, but also put your active listening skills to use. And, take time to simply observe what’s going on around you. How do your coworkers communicate? Interact? Avoid and resolve conflicts? What works – and what doesn’t? File it all away mentally for the future.

Begin to build relationships.

You don’t have to chat up everyone you meet, but do try and get to know your teammates and make a friend or two during your early days on the job. Maybe even find a mentor. Having someone you can turn to will give you another opportunity to ask questions and curb any initial insecurities. It also shows that you’re approachable and cooperative.

Rethink your career goals – a little

This doesn’t mean your goals will change significantly. Of course not. You just may need to realign them to coincide with those of your new company.

Take your time.

Adapting will take several weeks or even months, so no beating yourself up if you don’t feel it right away. You will integrate naturally – and gradually. Remember, they chose you for a good reason – and vice versa.

Getting adjusted to a new role as a recruiter can be especially challenging. After all, it’s your job to help other people do just that. There’s no better time to turn to Search Wizards – the recruitment experts-slash-career counselors who focus solely on talent acquisition pros and building their future career success. Contact us today to learn more about us and how we can help you achieve all your goals and build your future.



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