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Motivational Tips for Finishing the Year Strong

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‘Tis the season to be … smart and realistic about how you’re going to finish this year from a business results standpoint, and how to get ready to hit the ground running in 2023. Even if every single thing hasn’t gone according to plan in 2022 – or rather, especially if – now is the time to reassess, revise and restrengthen. And if you’ve hit all your KPIs, good for you. Pat yourself on the back, but don’t get too complacent. It’s still a tough labor market out there. Keep your eyes on the prize and the momentum rolling.

Last but not least, hello! It’s the holiday season – the most “normal” one in two years. WIth all the fa la la-ness going on, it might be hard to stay focused. Here are a few tips to help you wrap your head around it all. And just think: get this done and you can relax and ring in the New Year without work thoughts getting all up in your holiday head.

Review your processes and procedures with a thoughtful, critical eye.

What went well this year, and what didn’t? Do you need to make changes, for instance, in your hiring process, social media activities, branding, job ad strategy, website, or overall communications approach? Adjust, streamline, simplify and restructure as needed.

Make sure your goals haven’t lost their smartness.

The end of the year is the perfect time for a “SMART check.” All your goals should be SMART goals, which stands for “specific, measurable, achievable, relevant” and “time bound.” Remember, goals are ongoing, dynamic barometers that may need modification based on business changes.

Consider how you could be more creative or innovative in the New Year.

Of course, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. But be open-minded and proactive as you decide if it’s time to shake things up a little. Maybe this means adding a new twist to your brand look or messaging, redesigning your career page, or producing more compelling employee videos. Even a few small changes can make a big, positive difference.

As you make a “to do” list, also make a “to don’t” list.

Eliminate any time-sucking, non-value-added activities that could get in the way of finishing the year strong. This will help you and your team stay focused, and enable you to say “no” if these tasks randomly pop up.

The bottom line is … the bottom line.

Have a clear idea what your year-end numbers should – and will – look like. Go over all your relevant metrics and determine if your ROI is where it should be.

As you set the stage for a year of hiring success and build your team to support it, Search Wizards is here to help. We create best-in-class talent strategies and solutions to meet your ever-changing hiring demands. Contact us today to learn more.



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