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Top Interview Tips from 2022

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As you wind down the year and set your sights on 2023, is a job search part of your plan? Or, is one of your New Year’s resolutions to work even harder to help your candidates land their dream roles?

Either way, there are some time-tested tips for nailing a job interview, which you can put to good use going forward. Remember:

It’s all about research and preparation.

Learn as much as you can about the role, the company, your interview, and your interviewers. By being armed and ready with this information, you’ll walk in more calm, confident and poised to make a winning first impression.

  • Research the company thoroughly. Start with their website, of course, but be sure to go further in order to get a more objective, in-depth picture. Do a Google search, reach out to your personal and professional contacts, and talk to current or former employees.
  • Carefully read through the job posting. What specific skills, traits and experience is the employer looking for? Are your qualifications in alignment with this? Moreover, can you get a sense of how you would fit in from a cultural standpoint?
  • If it’s feasible, try out the company’s product or service. If hired, it will be your job to add value to them, so being a consumer yourself is a great first step. And taking this step further demonstrates your interest in the opportunity.
  • Get the scoop on your interviewers. If the hiring manager doesn’t tell you who they are, it’s perfectly okay to ask. Then, use your resources to research them, and prep some questions specifically directed their way. See if you can find a common interest the two of you have, via your LinkedIn and other publicly accessible sources.
  • Find out what type of interview it will be. One-on-one or a panel? Via phone, video, or in person? Asking about this is also fair game. It shows that you’re serious and want to be prepared. Prospective employers recognize and respect this quality.

Keep your communication skills sharp.

Bring your best interpersonal and active listening skills to the table.

  • Be ready to sell yourself. Identify your unique strengths as they relate to the job. Think about which of your abilities, personality traits and accomplishments would resonate most with your interviewers. Then, tie these back to your research and define exactly what would make you stand out from the competition.
  • Consider non-verbal as well as verbal communication. During an interview, use the right body language including good posture, eye contact, and appearing poised and professional, despite the jitters that are likely inevitable. A few sessions with an experienced career coach can make all the difference you need.

It’s your unique talent and passion for being a recruiter that makes you invaluable. Search Wizards represents top recruiting and sourcing talent, and we’d love to connect you to our dynamite network and assist as you build your career and help others do the same. Reach out to us today – and let’s talk.



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