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New Year, New Career? Earn Your Dream Job in 2023

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Though every company is different, the first few months of the year often tend to be when hiring managers really kick plans into gear to meet their annual staffing needs. Tucked in between the holiday season and spring and summer breaks, February can be an opportune time to finally find that job you would enjoy and feel passionate about – not just one that pays the bills.

That being said, where do you start when it comes to landing your dream job?

Make a career bucket list.

Write down everything you’d like to do and achieve in your next job. (Remember, it’s all about you!) Listing these goals can be extremely motivating, and also help you focus your search only on relevant opportunities. It will also help you evaluate exactly where you are in your career and what changes you need to make to get closer to the right role.

Add to that a list of your skills and strengths.

Once you have a good idea of your dream job, make a separate list of your skills and strengths. Remember to include both hard and soft skills. The two lists will work hand in hand.

Revamp your resume.

Is your resume up to date and, even more importantly, does it tell a compelling story of who you are and what value you would add to a company? Is your format as straightforward as possible, with optimal bullet points, so your resume passes ATS muster?

  • In addition to freshening up your resume, save yourself valuable time in the long run by drafting a few different cover letters. Then, you can edit them accordingly and be ready to send everything when the time comes.

Update your references.

Your list of professional references likewise needs to be updated. Now is a good time to pick up the phone and get in touch with them. Let them know you’re activating your job search, so they’re not caught off guard if contacted.

Tweak your online presence.

Now that your resume is good to go, turn your attention to your online presence, starting – but not ending – with your LinkedIn profile. Purge every platform, post and other content that involves you and may come up if an employer were to search for you. Make sure everything is above board, professional, and positions you in the best possible light.

  • Update online content to reflect any new experience or skills you’ve acquired. Review everything to see if you can plug in more keywords relevant to desired opportunities.

A Search Wizards assignment may be the perfect next step as you move your job search forward, starting today. We are recruiters, we know recruiters, and we understand recruiters. So if talent acquisition is your passion, talk to us about it – and let’s get you started down the path to success. You do it for others; now do it for you. What are you waiting for? Contact us here.



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