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References Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Next HR Interview

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You already know the value of references who can vouch for you when it comes to landing your next job. After all, recruitment is what you do yourself. But, it’s always helpful to have a few helpful reminders at your fingertips, especially as you make this the year you take your own career to the next level. So, here are a few tried and true reminders:

Do …

  • Have a list of references ready. Three is a good number. Make sure all their content information is up to date, including their names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, and relationship to you. This may seem like a no brainer, but remember, things may have changed for them, as well as you. Which leads to …
  • Stay – in touch with your references. As well as keeping your information on them up to date, make sure they know what’s going on in your world; namely, that you have activated a job search and as such, they may be contacted by a prospective employer or hiring manager. Don’t risk their being caught off guard.

Also Don’t ….

  • List your references on your resume. Or offer them right away. If an employer wants them, wait for them to ask. There’s no need to overwhelm them with your list right up front.
  • Forget to thank your references. Your relationship with your references is invaluable. They’ve extended you a courtesy, and may even be putting their own credibility on the line in doing so. When they speak on your behalf- or even just agree to do so – express your gratitude by thanking them. Whatever works, is appropriate, and feels good: a call, an email, taking them out for coffee or lunch, or sending them a small token of your appreciation.

Lining up references, finding the job that’s right for you, securing and nailing interviews, and sealing the deal: It’s what you do every day as you work with job candidates. But when it’s your own career on the line, you may need some extra horsepower in order to land that dream position. If so, contact Search Wizards today. Because we’re not only recruiters for recruiters, but we’re actual recruiters ourselves. So, we know the landscape, the challenges, and the land mines to avoid. Plus, we can tap you into our own awesome network as you build your reference lists and be ready to ace that coveted interview when it comes your way. Contact us today to learn more.



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