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4 Tips to Attract Passive Candidates

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You know they’re out there. And that they’re a significant percentage of all job seekers. Last but not least, you’re well aware that you need to effectively source, recruit, and build relationships with passive candidates in order to truly solidify your talent pool.

But what’s the secret formula to make that happen?

It’s not really all that elusive or difficult. But it does require time, patience, and an ongoing commitment to finding desired passive candidates and making them part of your corporate family, whether they come to work for you next month, next year or even further down the line.

Know what you need.

A basis for attracting talent, including passive candidates, is to identify and strengthen your employment brand and assess your staffing needs.

  • Clearly define and communicate your brand, so candidates know whether it’s the right fit for them. Determine any areas where your brand may not be perceived as strongly as it could be, and work on improving that.
  • Conduct a staffing assessment to pinpoint current and projected gaps in your workforce. This will help you determine which specific candidates to target and what relationships you need to build for the future.

Know where to look.

Source passive candidates by going where they go. In addition to person-to-person networking:

  • Optimize your social media tactics. These include social platforms, professional and association sites, and the right job boards. Consider a programmatic approach as part of your plan.
  • Don’t forget mobile recruiting via smartphones. Make sure your career site, job postings and applications are all mobile-friendly.

Give them some special treatment.

As you foster relationships with passive candidates, remember: they didn’t come to you; you reached out to them.

  • The “why should we hire you?” question is off the table. Their mindset is: “Why should I consider working for you?” Also, don’t expect they’ve done extensive – if any – research on your company.
  • Don’t try to lure them into a job similar to their current one. Offer something better, such as additional responsibility, career growth and/or unique benefits and perks.
  • This also holds true for active candidates, but it’s especially important here: Make your application process user-friendly. This means easy to access and quick to complete.

Keep them in the fold.

Once you have the attention of passive candidates, keep them interested. Rather than pressure them to move quickly, engage them with personalized, authentic and ongoing communication.

  • Have conversations with them about their short and long-term goals. Augment this by sending them relevant articles, white papers, and industry information. Email them your marketing materials so they can continue to learn about your company. Added bonus here: This helps you as well: you can learn who opens your emails and what each recipient clicks on.

Search Wizards can help as you develop the right talent acquisition strategies for both passive and active candidates. We create best-in-class recruitment solutions by providing you with the sourcing talent you need to meet your evolving hiring needs. Contact us today to learn more.



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