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The Benefits of Becoming a Contract Worker 3/3: The Money!

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The idea of becoming a contract worker may have crossed your mind once or twice. You’ve seen others in your field do it and find success, yet something still holds you back. Moving from full-time to contract work can be a change, but it’s not one without rewards. We have reviewed a few benefits in prior posts(Stepping Stone Into An Outstanding Company & Flexibility), but consider one of the best benefits to becoming a contract worker – the money.

At some point in your career, you may have learned how much a contract worker made for doing the same job as you. You were blown away with the amount, and wondered why there was such a difference. Ultimately, it comes down to a few reasons you can make more as a contractor than a salaried employee.

Contract work allows you options

Becoming a contractor means you have more client options. More options = more negotiating power, particularly in hotter markets.

As you move through roles and gain experience, you’ll become more qualified for other contract opportunities, and so on. The freedom to move can open up this room for growth faster, meaning you can be making more than at your full-time job in a shorter timeframe.

Contracting shows you have confidence

When you open yourself to contract work, there is an air of confidence that surrounds the endeavor. A contractor owns their skills and chooses to share them with clients they are most interested in working with.

When you take on a contract, you MUST deliver, or the contract will end. The client knows this, and if they have selected you, they believe you have the skills to meet or exceed the goals they set for you. And are willing to pay for that expertise to meet their hiring demands.

Contracting means less overhead

Working as an employee for a company rarely stops at the salary. There are several overhead costs associated. An employer considers all these elements before deciding what they will pay you in salary.

Consider what is most important to you – perks or money in your pocket? If you like money, contracting is a great option. When a company is hiring contractors, they typically do this through a vendor like Search Wizards. Vendors do offer benefits for the duration of your contract, and while they are not always as robust as giant corporations, they are competitive considering the tradeoffs.

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