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Strengthen Your Company’s Culture this Holiday Season

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Your company culture impacts everything from employee performance to how your organization is perceived in the job marketplace. It’s about living your core values – and it can transform your team members into advocates or critics.

This is true 365 days a year. But culture takes on a whole new meaning in December. And in December 2020 … well … the importance of a healthy culture as your company transitions into a New Year has never been more critical. It’s been one heck of a year, whether you’ve had to deal with downsizing, transitioning to a remote workforce, or pivoting to an entirely new business strategy to cope with a new reality.

What can you do this month to keep your company culture strong and bring people together during the holiday season – even if it can only be a virtual togetherness?

Use your company Intranet.

People are celebrating in different ways this year. Office parties and in-house Secret Santa festivities are on hold, so you need to be especially creative in your ideas. But one tool unaffected by COVID-19 is your company’s Intranet. Give it a festive yet helpful tone to enhance communications and community during this festive season.

  • Start on your home page. Post relevant updates and articles on topics like stress relief and how to cope during the holidays. Be sensitive to those experiencing loss, from missing large get-togethers and loved ones to social isolation. But balance it with the right tone of lightness and celebration. You could run a poll, for instance, of people’s favorite holiday traditions, songs, or movies. Use Comments to generate informal chats that tie people together.

Fundraise for those in need.

What are your employees’ favorite charities? If you don’t already know, then find out. (And remember, they may have changed during this unprecedented year.) Then, encourage people to give. Post updates regularly to keep everyone posted on how it’s going.

Not only does fundraising give back to the community, but it also provides a common purpose that pulls people together.

Celebrate diversity.

It’s important to acknowledge that not everyone celebrates the same holidays or celebrates them the same way. Be culturally sensitive – now and always.

  • Use your Intranet and other media to celebrate your company’s diversity. This sends a clear message of inclusion and mutual respect. And, it gives people a chance to learn more about one another.
  • Think about creating a diversity-oriented calendar. Involve employees in developing a company calendar with various holidays included throughout the year. This can be a great team-building initiative – and it can be done 100 percent remotely if necessary.

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