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Improve Your Diversity Recruiting Strategy with These 6 Tips

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Achieving diversity in your workplace isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s also a smart business strategy. Studies have shown that companies with diverse management teams have 19 percent higher revenues, and various organizations are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders. And in a recent Glassdoor survey, 67 percent of job seekers said that having a diverse workforce was a key factor in choosing which potential employers they targeted. 

How can you enhance your recruiting strategy to reinforce your commitment to diversity? Here are six tips to point you in the right direction: 


1. Improve your job descriptions and ads.  

Audit your past and current JDs and ads and make any necessary edits to speak to a full range of candidates – and avoid offending anyone or turning them away. Make sure all language is inclusive versus geared toward or away from a specific demographic. 


2. Source from places where diverse candidates hang out. 

Step out of your comfort zone and don’t rely on the same sources, over and over again, to fill your talent pool. Stick with the tried and true, but also seek out new opportunities so you can source diverse applicants where they congregate. For example, turn to on and offline groups dedicated to women in finance or technology. 


3. Encourage employee referrals.  

Employee referral programs are an excellent idea on so many levels, including improved diversity. Reach out to your current diverse team members and encourage them to share your job ads with their networks. An added plus to this tactic is that both employees and candidates will realize that your company values their opinion and contributions.   


4. Weave diversity into your company policies.  

Live your diversity values 365 days a year. Implement company policies that speak to diversity and appeal to all of your employees. For instance, include more religious and ethnic holidays in your time off policy. Empower people to speak up if they feel a certain policy is hindering diversity in any way. Encourage open, honest dialogue to curb bias. 


5. Adopt blind hiring.  

Implement a blind hiring policy, from resume review through first-round candidate interviews. Blind resume review means blocking out any personal information. Such as names, schools attended, or date of birth that may contribute to a biased candidate assessment. The same principle applies to blind interviewing, which may be accomplished by sending applicants text-based questions to answer anonymously. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a beneficial tool in this process.  


6. Apply the “two in a pool” effect.  

Having multiple people from the same minority demographic on your shortlist significantly boosts the likelihood that one of them will be hired. Intentionally populating that list with a proportionate number of diverse applicants helps to even the playing field. Of course, seed only with truly qualified candidates. The bottom line: diversity hiring is about finding the best person for the job, regardless of their background. 


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