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5 Effective Recruitment Methods to Find Your Next Best Hire

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There are lots of great recruitment methods out there. The secret to success is finding the combination that works best for the specific role you need to fill. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula. 

But whichever tactics you employ, there are some general rules to follow to increase your chances of hitting a hiring home run: 

  • Know your candidates: who they are, what they’re after, and where they get their information about prospective employers. 
  • Be creative. Don’t hesitate to try some new recruiting tools. Not only might they work, but they also boost your image as an employer who embraces all that is innovative and cutting edge. 
  • Stop guessing and start capitalizing on data. This way, you can know with certainty that whatever methods you’re using are producing the desired results. 

Here’s a closer look at some methods that have proven effective in meeting these goals: 

1. Being Open to Automation  

Automation in all aspects of recruiting helps speed up tasks and workflow so you can enhance recruiter productivity, accelerate time to fill, reduce cost per hire, and improve the overall talent profile. 


2. Inclusive Advertising 

Be sure the wording in your job descriptions and ads is inclusive. You can reduce or eliminate hiring bias using artificial intelligence (AI) and boost ethical recruiting for a wider array of candidates. AI identifies and replaces any non-inclusive language in your JD or ad content. It also helps with candidate screening, as bias inevitably creeps when applicants are reviewed only by human eyes and ears. 


3. Video Interviewing 

If you haven’t used this technique before, chances are you’ve become well versed at it during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. A real lifesaver today, video interviewing has been an invaluable tool for applicants who are geographically distant ever since its inception. It can save you piles of time and money – and you can kick things up another notch by using pre-employment assessments that incorporate technology: the automated collection of data on both verbal and non-verbal candidate responses. 


4. Benefiting from the Gig Economy  

To find candidates with specific skills and/or those you need to hire only for a limited time, recruit freelancers. You don’t have to go through the full, expensive, and more time-consuming steps of a permanent hire, and you can “try before you buy” – see how well they perform on the job and mesh with other team members. It’s like one long interview. And as Covid-19 persists, you could truly help someone out if they’ve lost their job as a result of the pandemic. 


5. Employee Referrals 

You can usually trust that your current high-performing employees will refer only suitable candidates. Plus, these new hires will already have a familiarity and a vested interest in your company via their personal contact there. 


Build Your Dream Team 

Outsourcing some or all aspects of your hiring process to the right recruitment agency can also help make the difference as you build your dream team. In the world of HR management, that perfect fit can be found at Search Wizards. We specialize only in talent acquisition, with a network of clients and candidates that stands out among the best. Contact us today to learn more. 



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