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Making the Onboarding Process Fun and Enjoyable: What Employees Really Want

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We have all experienced a long day spent in the onboarding process. In most cases, you are sat in a room by yourself watching videos. Or you are sitting at your desk waiting for your computer and guidance. Most of us have experienced a dull first few days on a new job. This process can set the wrong tone for a new employee and, ultimately, make them less likely to stay with your company.

This is where their adventure begins, and no one likes a dull adventure!

Fortunately, there is a solution. Focus on the overall experience from the new hire’s perspective. Think through your current onboarding process, considering where there can be an improvement. You can change your employee’s mindset and help set them up to be more successful.

Start with a Plan

Having a plan always makes everything easier, but the key here is it should not just be for you. The plan should be bigger than a checklist to make sure they are getting everything they need. That is important, but not all-encompassing.

Start by having an agenda prepared for your new hire on their first day. This could cover just for one day or the whole first week. You can show them exactly what they can expect and help eliminate idle times spent sitting alone. Schedule overview meetings with department heads in addition to necessary training. Focus on their experience and keep them moving.

Develop Welcome Packages

Your agenda for the new hire will go perfectly in this welcome package. There are several necessary inclusions, like employee handbooks and workplace guides, but there is also room to give them a more in-depth look at your company. Include information on upcoming company events, recent news on your organization or internal newsletters, add menus from local restaurants that are popular with staff. Think about everything you would want to know on your first day and include the information in the package. You could even take it a step further with a gift like a branded mug.

Create a Fun Environment

Instead of sticking to a standard, potentially boring workday, bring some excitement into the day. Whether it is a special all-staff meeting that includes team building, ice breakers, or a special lunch/afternoon treat, you have the chance to set the tone. The goal isn’t to distract from the work but to make the day more exciting and show them you value your team.

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